High Street Studio Monthly Studio Rental Membership


We offer 2 membership levels that give you use of the studio at discounted rates. Other benefits included. (See below).


$180.00 - Includes 6 hours of studio rental per month. ($30/hr)

$249.00 - Includes 12 hours of studio rental per month. ($21/hr)


Additional hours can be purchased at a reduced studio rate. If there are 3 or less monthly renters, the 6/12 hour included max is flexible.

Added Benefits:

 - Personalized Passcode

 - Storage of personal gear/wardrobe

 - $25% discount on Workshop Event Fees


The exact time must be booked on the shared Google Calendar. Email me to have time added. This is your time entering to time leaving; not your time booked with a model. If you need extra setup/take-down time, be sure to add extra. There is no minimum time you can book in one day.

All studio rules apply as posted on location. If you need to cancel your membership at any time, please let me know before your next payment goes through and I will end your recurring payments.

 -Member Must Be Approved - There also is a membership agreement that must be signed.